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Goals of the IBBS include the following:

  • To facilitate in-depth exchanges of novel cutting-edge results in the CNS barriers field, with the potential to greatly impact future research directions and treatment paradigms.
  • To promote open discussion of key issues that hinder effective treatment of neurological disorders and develop new strategies.
  • To promote networking, collaboration and the sharing of new ideas among all IBBS members. • To advance the state of knowledge covering all aspects of CNS barriers science and promote the field as an important player in the larger neuroscience area.
  • To bring together a range of new scientists to the CNS barriers field in supportive, collaborative and interactive environments.
  • To facilitate junior scientists’ growth and development through discussion and interaction with leaders in barriers research, group discussions and active mentoring.
  • To assist in the coordination of major conferences in the field such as the International Conferences on Cerebral Vascular Biology.

Research related to the central nervous system barriers lies at the crossroads between many different fields, including vascular biology, neuroscience, pharmaceutical science, pharmacology, physiology, neurology, neurosurgery, medicine, engineering, genetics and immunology, among others.

The IBBS aims to bring together people from all around the world who are working in this highly multidisciplinary research area and related fields – this includes academic and industrial scientists, clinicians, and other stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds – because truly collaborative, interdisciplinary research between the different disciplines and across different environments will stimulate new discoveries in CNS barriers science and unlock new treatment approaches for neurological disorders.

This will take the sort of concerted, global efforts that have sometimes been challenging in multidisciplinary fields such as ours; for example, while recent data clearly show that the development and function of the nervous system is intimately intertwined with the development of the vascular system, leaders in these two fields have not always interacted in the past.

The IBBS seeks to address this by promoting conferences, workshops, and other meetings where CNS barriers science is discussed alongside other disciplines, fostering interactions among our members, and advocating for new investments and initiatives in brain barriers science by national and international funding bodies, foundations, and other entities.

By focusing on highly interdisciplinary concepts, methods, and perspectives surrounding CNS barriers science, the IBBS naturally brings together leaders from a variety of fields.