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As an IBBS Member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced registration fee for BB associated meetings. The Signal Transduction in BBs (Europe) and CVB (International) meetings will have a lower registration fee (or subsidized fee) for members than nonmembers, if agreed to by the meeting planners).
  • Eligibility to hold an elected position in the IBBS.
  • Job Postings and other Announcements: Members with job postings or other announcements connected with the society (e.g. a meeting or symposium advertisement covering subjects related to the CNS barriers) may potentially post to the website and request an email announcement to the full member list via executive officers (President and Vice President).
  • A vote on matters of the IBBS, including elections for IBBS councilors (steering committee members).
  • Opportunity to participate in Society committees.
  • Opportunity to shape the direction of research in brain barriers field by organizing workshops, mini-symposia or emphasis panels.
  • Timely and Priority access to meeting announcements and meeting programs.
  • Access to IBBS website.
  • Membership in a collegial society of interactive brain barrier scientists, clinicians and patient advocates.
  • Annual meetings formatted to foster discussion and collaborations.

Membership fees are in USD (American Dollars).

Apply for membership

Subscription Plans

$ 45 for one year.

For students or post-doctoral trainees

$ 100 for one year.

$ 450 for one year.

For Academia, Industry, Hospitals / Clinics, Research Institutes.