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As an IBBS Member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced registration fee for BB associated meetings. The Signal Transduction in BBs (Europe), CVB (International), and BBB Consortium (Oregon) meetings will have a lower registration fee (or subsidized fee) for members than nonmembers, if agreed to by the meeting planners).
  • Eligible to apply for travel bursaries to attend BB conferences, if a trainee (postdoctoral researcher or student). Applies to the following meetings: Signal Transduction in BBs (Europe), CVB (International), BBB Consortium (Oregon), and Barriers in the CNS (New Hampshire).
  • Eligibility to hold an elected position in the IBBS.
  • A vote on matters of the IBBS, including elections for IBBS councilors (steering committee members).
  • Opportunity to participate in Society committees.
  • Opportunity to shape the direction of research in brain barriers field by organizing workshops, mini-symposia or emphasis panels.
  • Timely and Priority access to meeting announcements and meeting programs.
  • Access to IBBS website.
  • Membership in a collegial society of interactive brain barrier scientists, clinicians and patient advocates.
  • Annual meetings formatted to foster discussion and collaborations.

Membership fees are in USD (American Dollars).

Apply for membership

Subscription Plans

$ 45 for one year.

For students or post-doctoral trainees

$ 100 for one year.

$ 450 for one year.

For Academia, Industry, Hospitals / Clinics, Research Institutes.