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les drewesLester R. Drewes, Ph.D., is Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth.

He is a graduate of Capital University (B.S. Chemistry, Columbus, OH) and the University of Minnesota (Ph.D., Biochemistry). He did postdoctoral research at the University of Wisconsin (D. Gilboe) and sabbatical research at the University of Copenhagen (C. Crone), Max-Planck Institute (P. Hossmann, Cologne) and The Johns Hopkins University (G. Goldstein).

The Drewes lab conducts research on blood-brain transport and metabolism, and applies molecular, cellular and genetic approaches to characterize transporters that carry nutrients and drugs into the brain.

Dr. Drewes is a recipient of the Jacob Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award (NIH), Alumni Achievement Award (Capital University), Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung Fellowship (Germany), Nagai Foundation (Tokyo) Distinguished Lectureship, Naito Foundation Award (Japan) and National Cancer Institute Fellowship.

He serves as Editor-In-Chief of Fluids and Barriers in the CNS, and is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. He is a founder (1992) of the Cerebral Vascular Biology conferences.

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