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The 23rd International Symposium "Signal Transduction at the Blood-Brain Barriers", planned for September2021 in Bari / Italy, had to be postponed to September/October 2022. The Scientific Board of the symposium decided to organize the:
23rd Symposium "Signal Transduction at the Blood-Brain Barriers", held September 22-24, 2021,
as a virtual symposium.

Cerebral endothelial cells (ZO-1, red; phalloidin, blue; Hoechst, green; by courtesy of I. Krizbai, Szeged/Hungary)IBBS LogoScientists interested in signalling processes at the neurovascular unit are invited to join the Virtual Symposium "Signal Transduction in the Blood-Brain Barriers". The symposium will be organized in the tradition of the previous meetings of this series, with online lectures and poster presentations, both expected to present new and exciting data.

Supported by the International Brain Barriers Society (IBBS), the conference will be organized by

sponsored by ROCHE LOGO logo Bicell logo Nikon

Malgorzata Burek (Würzburg, Germany)      Birger Brodin (Kopenhagen, Denmark)
Maria Deli (Szeged, Hungary) Pierre-Olivier Couraud (Paris, France) 
Elga deVries (Amsterdam/Netherlands) Reiner Haseloff (Berlin, Germany)
Britta Engelhardt (Bern, Switzerland) Istvan Krizbai (Szeged, Hungary)
Daniela Virgintino (Bari, Italy) Stefan Liebner (Frankfurt/M., Germany)
Ingolf Blasig (Berlin, Germany) Michal Toborek (Miami, USA)


The platforms for presentations at the virtual symposium will be Zoom® for lectures and Gather.town for poster contributions.
Programme information is available here.

The registration fee (non-refundable), enabling the attendance at online lectures and poster presentations, is USD 60.
The deadline for registration is July 31, 2021.
Later registrations for online lectures may be possible (based on availability).

To register for this virtual symposium, please click here.

Contact email address: VBBB-symposium@fmp-berlin.de.

All participants will receive comprehensive information on the symposium (including session links) by email on September 20, 2021.

If not receiving our email by September 20, 6 pm (time zone Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome) - please do not forget to check your spam/junk mail folder - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.