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A new position is available for a PhD thesis in the “Fluids and Barriers of the CNS - FLUID” team at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (France). The project interrogates the links between adverse perinatal conditions and long-lasting alterations of blood-brain barriers neuroprotective functions against harmful environmental agents. Further details are available on the attached document.

As a PhD student you will be in charge of investigating the development of brain interfaces protective functions in adverse conditions by analyzing neuroprotective gene expression, blood-brain permeability to selected toxicants, and searching for persistent signs of BBI sensitivity to infectious cues in a rodent model of IUGR.
You will also explore therapeutic strategies to restore BBI functions.

You will interact with two other laboratories of the consortium that will search for changes in the transcriptomic signature of the neurovascular unit at the single cell level, and assess mitochondrial dysfunction to establish a link between energy supply and BBIs alteration.
Within the team, you will help supervising undergraduate trainees and MsD students. Within 3 years you will obtain a PhD degree from the prestigious Neuroscience and Cognition NSCo Doctoral school of the Lyon University.

More information is available in the full advertisement here.