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Dear IBBS Members,

It is a distinct pleasure to provide you with the opportunity to vote on the location of the CVB Meeting in 2027.

Malgorzata Burek and Stefan Liebner offer to host the CVB 2027 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Egle Solito and colleagues offer to host the CVB 2027 in London, UK.

Please log in first; only persons with a current membership can vote.
You will then find the information for the respective proposals, as well as the option to vote under the following link: https://www.ibbsoc.org/members/vote-for-cvb-2027

Please submit your vote latest on Friday, September 8th, 2023.

We express sincere thanks to our colleagues from the UK and Germany for offering to host CVB 2027.

Best regards,

Britta Engelhardt with Robert Thorne and Elga de Vries