Announcing several exciting opportunities to join Denali Therapeutics, a South San Francisco biotech company focused on cutting edge exploratory biology to advance new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases!
Our postdoc program is significantly expanding this year with multiple new positions available now and in the coming months. We are currently actively recruiting for the following:

POSITION 1 -- BBB transport biology (Dr. Joy Yu Zuchero Lab)

New Denali postdoc opportunity to focus on transport at the BBB! Dr. Joy Yu Zuchero (Associate Director/Group Leader at Denali & 2023 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Brain Barriers Conference co-organizer) has a new position now open in her lab. Joy Zuchero’s growing group at Denali Therapeutics is seeking to recruit a dynamic, highly motivated Postdoctoral Scientist for a project focusing on understanding the biology of BBB receptors that are being targeted for CNS transport in healthy aging and disease.
The work will build upon some of our past published studies (e.g. Kariolis et al. Sci Transl Med, 2020), take advantage of a range of cutting-edge technologies available in-house, and leverage external collaborations with academic labs as appropriate.
Support for the planned studies will come from Denali’s BBB Pathway (led by Dr. Zuchero), Biology Discovery, Protein Sciences, and Computational Biology Teams.
Please contact Dr. Zuchero for more information ().
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POSITION 2 -- Microglial Biology (Dr. Kate Monroe's group)

Dr. Kate Monroe (Associate Director/Group Leader at Denali & 2021 Neuroimmune Interactions in Health and Disease Keystone Conference co-organizer with Beth Stevens and Jony Kipnis) has a new position now open in her lab.
The Glial Biology Pathway Team and Dr. Monroe’s Lab at Denali Therapeutics is seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Scientist to interrogate the molecular and cellular pathways underlying neurodegenerative diseases. Work envisioned includes performing highly translational research to investigate microglia biology and mechanisms of neurodegeneration, with the ultimate goal of identifying new drug targets and elucidating genetically linked microglial pathways that contribute to neurodegenerative disease, with an emphasis in Alzheimer’s disease.
Please contact Dr. Monroe for more information ().
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Denali postdocs perform well-funded, world class science, generate high impact publications, regularly attend/present at major scientific conferences, and are a part of a thriving postdoc community with regular onsite/offsite events and training. We expose postdocs to all levels and aspects of the company, including monthly meetings with senior leaders to learn about their different career paths, the chance to participate in STEM outreach targeted towards increasing diversity, equity & inclusion in biotech/neuroscience, and many other opportunities. Our program is designed so that, at completion of the typical 3-year term, postdocs should be competitive for multiple positions in industry or academia. We offer highly competitive compensation (starting salary = $80,000 USD), a very dynamic work environment, and a supportive community to develop your skills and experience for whatever is to come next in your career!
Please contact Dr. Robert Thorne, Head of Denali Postdoc Program, for further information ().