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The Wyss Institute is looking for an innovative computational biologist with expertise in bioinformatics, omics research and machine learning to join our Brain Targeting Program and Biostasis teams.
The Brain Targeting Program is seeking to discover new methods to target therapeutic and diagnostic payloads to the brain. As part of this effort, it is pursuing an ambitious omics project to identify new targets for brain transport. The Biostasis Program is seeking to identify agents that can induce a state of suspended animation for therapeutic purposes. As part of this effort, it is pursuing omics studies across multiple species. Both projects are striving to understand complex biology and to identify new target genes and proteins by extracting knowledge from complex omics datasets.

Reporting to the Principal Investigator on the Brain Targeting Program you will perform as a key member of omics-intensive research projects. You will collaborate closely with other members of the Wyss community of faculty, staff scientists and engineers, post-docs, and students.

More information can be found here.