A Postdoctoral Fellow position is newly available in the laboratory of Professor Eric Shusta at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
The Shusta laboratory has a blood-brain barrier (BBB) focus that includes antibody targeting of the BBB for the delivery of therapeutics to the central nervous system (CNS) (https://ericshusta.che.wisc.edu).

This particular postdoctoral position is focused on targeted biologic delivery to the CNS using BBB targeting antibodies.
Potential project areas include employing these antibodies in immunotherapy paradigms for brain cancer treatment and in targeted therapeutic approaches for stroke.

Candidates having experience in protein engineering and design coupled with rodent biodistribution / pharmacokinetic / therapeutic / disease modeling expertise or those wishing to expand their expertise into these areas are encouraged to apply.
Candidates are expected to have received a Ph.D. prior to joining the laboratory and have published in well-recognized scientific journals.

Anticipated start date is January-April 2022, although there is flexibility.

Interested candidates should send their CV and list of references to Eric Shusta at .